Analysis Asian Poetry(Anthology of Japanese Literature)

Living all alone

In this space between the rocks

Far from this city,

Here, where no one can see me,

I shall give myself to grief

The overall theme of this poem is lonely. I think the author of this poem gave the readers to imagine the distance between where the man is and the city. When I imagine the distance I feel the loneliness that the man feels. The last line of this poem can give a certainty that the theme can be described as loneliness.

The author also defines the tone of this poem as a sad and emotionally feeling that the readers can feel as well. The structure of this poem has different syllables which can be described as a free verse poem. The atmosphere of the poem gives a blank emotion. Its like imagining yourself in a space where no one is there with you.

I think self-criticism is shown is this poem. The reason why this is shown as self-criticism is because in my opinion, I think the man in this poem is criticizing himself as a worthless person and a person with full of loneliness. Another cultural values this poem that I see is behaving according to status because the man is grieving because of loneliness that man has where he is living all by himself with no one to take care of him. I think the theme of this poem can reflect what the cultural values of this poem are.

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